What hours are Inspectors working?

8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday

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1. Are leaves part of the ordinance that Code will enforce?
2. What hours are Inspectors working?
3. Will the Code Inspectors drive around looking for violations?
4. Does Code Enforcement deal with abandoned or damaged structures?
5. Can concerns be anonymous?
6. Are vehicles parked on the street that rarely move covered under Code?
7. My neighbor parks in the front yard. Is this against the ordinance?
8. The neighbor’s pool has been half full of water for years, it stinks and there are bugs, is this a violation?
9. Is standing water a violation of the Nuisance ordinance?
10. What about neighbors burning trash or yard waste?
11. We believe a neighbor is operating a business out of their residence. Who do we contact?
12. What about noise complaints?
13. How tall does the grass have to be before it is a violation?
14. How will residents be contacted by Inspectors if violations are found?