Violent Crime Compensation Fund

In the state of Indiana, the Violent Crime Compensation Fund (VCCF) was established in 1978 to help victims of violent crime and their families with the financial hardship that can be caused by particular violent crimes, especially murder/manslaughter, battery, and other crimes that result in bodily injury. You can contact the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office, Victim/Witness Services if you need forms or to set up an appointment with a victim advocate to obtain help in filling out the application.


Persons eligible for assistance from the Violent Crimes Compensation Fund include:
  • An innocent victim of any violent crime, including a motor vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver
  • A surviving spouse, dependent child, or other legal dependent of an innocent victim who has been killed as a result of any violent crime, including a motor vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver
  • A person who is injured or killed trying to prevent a violent crime or giving aid to a law enforcement officer
  • The immediate family members of a murder victim or sex crime victim who need mental health counseling


The Violent Crimes Compensation Fund requires that:
  • The crime must have taken place in Indiana
  • The crime must have been reported to police within 48 hours unless a good reason existed why the crime could not be reported in that time period
  • The victim or survivors must have cooperated with police and prosecutors in the investigation and prosecution of the crime
  • Application for benefits must be submitted within 180 days after the crime occurred
  • The application must be mailed or faxed to the fund office in Indianapolis (the fax number is 317-233-3912).

Compensation Award

The compensation award (up to a maximum of $15,000) applies as follows:
  • Attorney fees
  • Counseling for the victim and/or immediate family up to $1500
  • Emergency shelter services
  • Funeral and burial expenses up to $3000
  • Lost wages (actual losses only)
  • Loss of support
  • Medical bills
  • Reasonable child care services

Additional Information

  • The processing time for each VCCF application is approximately 6 months after the application is received.
  • If mailing the application, you should send it by Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested, and should keep a copy of the application paperwork for your records.
  • An emergency fund is available for victims who can demonstrate extreme and immediate financial hardship that is in direct relation to the crime; up to $500 in emergency funds can be sent to the victim.
  • You can contact the VCCF office by calling 800-353-1484; you will reach their voice mail box and will need to leave a message with as much information as possible (your name, victim's name, date of crime, date that application was mailed), so that they can return your call.