About Division of Planning and Zoning - Work Program

Recurring Work Program Elements

  • Administer zoning applications (Area Plan Commission)
  • Administer subdivision plat applications (Plat Committee)
  • Administer variance and special exception use applications (Area Board of Zoning Appeals)
  • Administer zoning violation complaints
  • Administer the Project Advisory Team
  • Comprehensive land use planning
  • Research and administer zoning ordinance text changes
  • Review street and alley vacation requests
  • Participate in the plan review process – issuance of Improvement Location Permits
  • Assist the public in a wide range of zoning and platting-related property issues


  • Juday Creek Task Force (MACOG)
  • Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (MACOG)
  • Census 2020 Complete Count Committee
  • Economic Development Professional Network (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Shirley Heinze Land Trust Advisory Committee
  • St. Joseph County Regional Water and Sewer District (St. Joseph County)

2020 Work Program Initiatives

  • Replace St. Joseph County Subdivision Ordinance
  • Replace Sign Ordinance
  • Establish Agritourism Ordinance
  • Establish Solar Energy Ordinance
  • Begin preliminary work on revising the St. Joseph County Zoning Ordinance
    • Assessment of all sections
    • Provide quick fixes as needed
    • Develop general direction and format for a new ordinance
  • Continue integration of electronic files with County GIS system
  • Establish a public participation plan for County planning activities
  • Begin initial planning for implementing geography-specific land use plans