Speeding Fines

The schedule below shows the fine and costs for each charge. You must pay the total amount for the first ticket and only the fine amount for any additional ticket received at the same time. Court costs are set by the State Legislature and must be paid whether or not you appear in court unless you are found not guilty or the ticket is dismissed. 

Speeding (IC 9-21-5-1)Unreasonable Speed fine is $10 plus court costs equals $125.50.
Speeding in a Worksite (with or without Workers Present) (IC 9-21-5-11-c)
  • Calculate regular fine plus costs plus $300 for first offense
  • $500 for second offense
  • $1,000 for third offense

Passing in a Worksite (with or without Workers Present) (IC 9-21-8-7.5)Passing in a worksite is a $166.50 fine.