Community Reentry Center

South Bend Community Reentry Center (SBCRC)

The South Bend Community Reentry Center provides an opportunity for select adult offenders who are within 12 months of completing their sentences with the Department of Correction. One of only two state-operated reentry centers in Indiana, the Center receives offenders from the entire northern part of the state. Offenders assigned to the Center participate in a program to help facilitate their reintegration into society, reside in a community-based correctional facility and are allowed to work in the community.

This program is specifically designed for long-term offenders, and allows eligible participants to participate in a pre-Work Release readiness program.

Cost - Offenders at the Center must contribute financially to the cost of their room and board, pay applicable taxes, and satisfy financial obligations in the community. Participants at the Center pay applicable child support and court-ordered obligations, and accumulate savings to help them complete a successful transition to community life after completing their sentences.

South Bend Reentry Education Programming (SBREP)


All South Bend Reentry Education Programmers and most Work Release-eligible offenders are required to attend transitional reentry programming, which included Employment Counseling, Personal Finance Training, Substance Abuse Treatment and Cognitive Programming. 


All Reentry Education offenders are assigned to a supervised work crew, transitioning from in-facility to outside assignments when determined eligible. All offenders must have their work on work crew assignments evaluated prior to being considered for Work Release Program participation.