Probate Court Security

Probate Court Security Staff provide security to the Court, as well as, the Juvenile Justice Center building. Security staff includes armed staff that have been deputized by the the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department and unarmed staff. Court Security staff provide courtroom security, screen for contraband on all persons entering the building, provide escorts to and from vehicles for staff and visitors, and maintain the Juvenile Justice Center's vehicles.

Protective Orders, Escorts, & Security Concerns

Probate Court Security Staff asks that if you have any safety concerns during your visit to the Juvenile Justice Center that you approach any member of the security team and alert them to your concern(s).  You may also request an escort to your vehicle  by approaching any security staff. If you would like to arrange a escort prior to your visit or would like like to inform the security team of any concerns you have about your upcoming visit  you can contact the director of Director of Security, John Kaminski, at 574-235-5330 or the Assistant Director of Security, Cody Heckman, at 574-235-5301.. Please try to contact security 48 hours prior to your visit.

If you or your child have a protective order against another party whom will be appearing in court with you, please immediately inform security at the screening desk at the front door when you arrive for court or contact the Director of Security at 574-235-5330 prior to your court date. 

Prohibited Items

The Thomas N. Frederick Juvenile Justice Center is an active courthouse and all weapons are prohibited from entering the building. Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, knives, pepper spray, tasers, and batons. All prohibited items will be confiscated at the door when located during screening. Items confiscated will not be returned until the end of the business day on which they were confiscated. If the owner of the item does not return 15 minutes prior to closing time for the building on the business day the item was confiscated, that item will be destroyed.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones are allowed in the Juvenile Justice Center. However, cell phones are only permitted into court rooms if powered off completely. Photography and video recording of court proceedings is strictly prohibited. If it is found during a court proceeding that your cell phone has not been turned off or if your cell phone interrupts the court proceeding you may be subject to being held in Contempt of Court, which may result in you being fined or jailed. Cell Phone use is prohibited during probation appointments and disruptions to probation department functions due to cell phone use is also subject to being held in Contempt of Court. Cell phones are never allowed in detention visitation and must be secured in the detention visitation lockers. Visitors caught with a cell phone in detention visitation may lose future visitation privileges and be subject to being held in Contempt of Court.


Parking is free for the general public in any space that is not designated as "reserved," "employee parking." or "county police parking." If you park in a specially designated parking spot you may be required to move your vehicle or vehicle may be subject to being towed.